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BITZER Semi-Hermetic Piston Compressor Condensing Unit


Condell sing t. Unit for medium & high temperature environment (+12oc~-10oc)
Condensing unit for low temperature & frozen environment (-10oc)~_30oc)
Equipped with BITZER semi –hermetic piston compressor
Air cooled condensers are punched by high velocity ram machine. folded by secondary operation : condenser coils are expanded mechanical tube expansion. To obtain high heat exchanging capacity
Shell & tube water condensers use high efficient wire- whorled copper pipes which can highly increase condensers ‘ heat exchanging efficient . take small volume and keep light weight all condensers are produced and inspected strictly based on ((Refrigerator equipment use pressure vessel )) .to insure product s’ quality.
Equipped with well- known brand of refrigeration components
1, normal configuration: filter. Solenoid valve. Double pressure controller high& low pressure meter
We offer additional components to meet your special requests.

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