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Shell & Tube Water Cooled Condenser


Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger is one of KAIDI special pressure vessel equipment with special equipment manufacturing license issued by Administrating of quality and technology supervision of P.R.C. We select material, produce and inspect every piece of shell & tube heat exchangers strictly on the basis of requests of manufacturing license. This series of product contain: shell and tube condenser, sea water condenser, dry evaporator for single/double compressor (with direct/U type copper pipes), liquid receiver … ect. Refrigerator capacity of this series covers from 8.3KW to 397. 8KW, fittings for different refrigerant, such as R134A.R404A.R507A.R407C.R22


Production and inspection perform strictly according to ( pressure vessel for refrigeration equipment ) to guarantee quality;
Use effective out whorl copper pipe, high heat exchange efficiency, compact volume, light weight;
Guarantee quality; did tightness examination under 2.4Pa atmospheric pressure before delivery;
Pressure vessel equipped with “safe fusible plug”, it can automatically melt when liquid temperature in the shell reach a certain degree to guarantee safety;
Condenser end cap has water -discharge device, to avoid tube damage caused by frozen water in cold winter.

Range of application:

Refrigerator industry, cold room project;
Agricultural, food, restaurant, chemical industry;
Fit for central air conditioning equipment;

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