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Unit Cooler / Evaporator can be used in various kind of fresh - keeping and refrigeration cold-rooms. Food processing work-shops and logistic centers. Our compact and reliable design can help customers make use of space maxima ally .when equips with low noise axial fan. You can rapidly reduce noise level for working space and highly increase comfort level. Refrigeration capacity of this series covers from 1.2KW to 114KW. Fittings fir different refrigerant such as R134a, R404A. R507A. R407C. R22.


Scientific structure, high efficient, frost steadily, save power and low running cost;
Equip with axial fan quiet model that offer strong air flow in long shot rang; save power, long service life;
Copper pipe thickness can reach to O.6 mm. which lead to perfect tightness between pipe and fin after expansion processing;
Equip with stainless electric heater in high insulating property, defrost efficiently in shot time;
The heat exchanging coli was did gas tightness test under 2.6MP air pressure quality.
Aluminum and painted stain board, to meet your different needs.

Sphere of application

High temperature type: (cold – room temperature 12~-2OC) fin space: 4.5mm;
Medium temperature type :( cold –room temperature -2~-1 0 OC) fin space: 6.0 mm;
Low temperature type: (cold temperature –10~-31OC) fin space: 9.0mm;

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