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FPBZ SERIES - Bitzer Compressor Condensing Unit for Cold Room



The Condensing Units are prefabricated, monoblock type, factory tested and easy to mount on Cold Room’s wall.

The built-in electronic control panel with the microprocessor allows for manual setting of the desired temperature. It has the following components:
*An On-Off button for switching the unit on and off
*An On-Off Lighting button
*Three buttons for Temperature Setting
*A Manual Defrosting button
*A Digital Display showing the current room temperature.
All Condensing Units can be equipped with different kinds of refrigerants according to the clients' requirements.
Technical Data:
ModelPowerCooling,CapacityFlow,RateConnection,SizeShape,Size,(mm)Install Size(mm)KWWM³/HEntry TubeLiquid

tubeWater GapABCabFWS3/2FC3.2255901.7φ16φ1211/4"750365530510290FWS4/2EC3.22.466602φ22φ1211/



2"1090400670710320FWS10/4DC7.25.4168304.9φ28φ222"12604106708003201 Refrigeration capacity and input power when operates -5/40.
2 The unit's power supply: 380V/50HZ;
3 The refrigerant the unit adopts is R22, please note if you want to use R404A.
4 Many other models of Bitzer Condensing Units will be available upon request.

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