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Multi-Compressor Condensing Unit with Piston Compressor



Save investment, to produce first –time equipment cost;
Save power, supply ref.capacity according to need, save 20% power
Compared to equipping condensing unit with single compressor;
Save processing momently monitoring and controlling processing,
Data with damage warning function to insure processing security;
Compact structure, multi compressors concentrate installed, save Space and construction period;
Full automation, equip with Italian DIXELL or EVERY
CONTROL advancing controller for multi- compressor condensing unit;
Full protecting function together with multi-time warning-to –lock function, function of showing failure code, to advanced

Reliability and maintainability;
Far-flung field of application total power from 6HP to 420HP, refrigeration temperature from 12.5 C to -50 C;
Automatic processing balances, rapidly en- long the general service Period unit;
Separately equipped oil level controller, efficiency proof
Compressors from oil metamorphoses pollution


Range of application:

Refrigeration industry, cold- room project, low temperature shipping centre
Super – market cold- chain, chemical industry

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